Make the web your API

Rapidly Automate, transact and connect any
action on the web with the Automation Cloud,
the internet automation platform.

Build APIs for anything on the web way faster
and with wider reach than traditional methods.

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Connect anything in Autopilot

Script powerful, contextually aware workflows on any website.
Crawl for or input any data and interact as any human user would.
Interact with third-party APIs and connect them to your own web

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Define your API

Create automations on demand and send the data you
need for your workflow. Recieve data outputs and
interact with your automation in real-time.

Scale in the Cloud

Your automations run in real Chrome in the Automation Cloud.
Route your traffic via our proxies. We scale to your demand.


Faster Integration

Out-run the Enterprise Juggernaught

Our clients report an average 90 day timeframe for integrating traditional
APIs, including negotiations, sign-offs and the technical implimentation.

Building an Automation Cloud API which is as powerful can take as little as
a day, boosting your project timelines and getting the job done.

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Try automating

See how the Automation Cloud works in our Live Demo.

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Any automation application

Scrape, interact, log-in, checkout... You
can automate anything online. We cover
any online use case.


Automate websites and APIs

Automate either or both and consolidate
everything into a single API that you then
integrate against once in your app or


Open Source

Autopilot and the rest of our tools are
Open Source software distribted under the
Apache 2.0 license. Check out the code
and contribute.


Smart robots interact like humans

The robots you command in the
Automation Cloud can do anything
humans can do online. They usually
appear to be humans to underlying
systems too.


Sophisticated tools

Use Autopilot, our scripting tool, to define
interactions on your target website, or with
APIs, then replay with real data at scale.


Solid provisioning

Integrate against the API you build with our
toolset. We allocate resources so you only
need to focus on integrating your
automations into your toolchain.

API you've been waiting for

Developers First

Developers need robust and efficient tools to get what they need
done. We know this, we’re Developers ourselves. Our tools have
been built by Developers, for Developers.

We’ve prepared a body of tutorials and documentation to get your
first API up and available quickly.


We’re here to help

Sticky automation problem? Question about Inputs or
Outputs? Just want to know more? Join us in the
Automation Cloud community.


Pricing based on you

Sign-up and test us for free. Keep using us for free until
your volumes require a bigger plan. Or, download and self
orchastrate with our Open Source tools.

Ready to get started?

Download and create an account or get in touch.

Bring your own use-case

The Automation cloud turns any corner of the web into an API. It can crawl data and complete user
flows, even fully transactional ones. It can repeat tasks, follow rich interaction patterns or combine
existing APIs with web automation so your App can do what it needs to do.

What's your use-case?


Crawling and scraping e.g. Monitoring prices


App development Connect with website flows and APIs


Experimentation e.g. Rapidly testing API connections


Testing e.g. Full payment funnel testing


DevOps e.g. Monitoring config changes


Out of hours actions e.g. Customer Services interactions


Migrations e.g. Transforming JSON to other formats


Casual usage e.g. Triggering events from your Nest


Internet scale

We can handle huge concurrent scale. Our
infrastructure and plans scale with your
usage and needs.


PCI Compliant

If you’re performing automated financial
transactions we can vault payment card
data within our PCI compliant vault.


Intelligent routing

Need to route via a specific country or use
a residential proxy? We have tools to
intelligently route your automation traffic
for speed or compliance.


Automation Dashboard

See and manage all your automations in
your dashboard. Dive deep into the details
of each interaction on its timeline.

Automation Stories

Here’s how Steve Pearce and Sam Coley at TickX use the Automation Cloud.

Chat with us on Slack

Chat with other Automation Cloud users and team members in our dedicated Slack channel, #AutomationCloud


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