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Program the web

Automation Cloud Platform allows your team to author complex user flows and interactions or gather data from any website, and then run them at scale.

Get your hands on the same, superpowered platform our own team uses to provide Smart Actions and Smart Feed for clients like Google and Kayak.

Transact, crawl data, and program any action on the web with our open source web automation toolset. Download for free or sign-up for Automation Cloud Platform for powerful provisioning and deployments.

An online aggregator's checkout powered by the Automation Cloud.
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                    I needed to connect a few services so my app could get data from one place and then act on it elsewhere. Everything was on the web, and though one of the sources I needed had an API, the rest didn’t – they were just regular websites.
I downloaded Autopilot and started figuring out how to interact with the various sites I needed. It’s like voodoo, automating websites and accessing them with my own API! I never thought it was possible."
– CTO, B2C App Creator

Script any workflow in Autopilot

Autopilot is where it all starts. Script interactions on any website, or with a third-party API and then play back your results.

An Autopilot script is like a super-powerful macro that interacts with any web page and accepts and returns data. Use it to define the API you’ll later use to automate at scale.

Instruct Autopilot to perform the basics, like data crawling or form entry. Follow complex interactive pathways to complete any task.

Autopilot contextually understands where it is, so non-linear pathways are fine. Iterate and loop through elements or pagination. Input any required data and retrieve output. Transact and pay to complete secure and compliant purchase journeys.

You can deal with any workflow and connect APIs too. Autopilot can do everything a human can do.

Download Autopilot
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  • Comprehensive automation toolset
  • Build interactive pathways and manipulate data in powerful pipelines
  • No-code interface + Javascript capability
  • Builds for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Deploy scripts as Services to the Automation Cloud to run as an API at scale
A screenshot of the Automation Cloud application 'Autopilot' and a web browser it is interacting with.

Autopilot is a powerful desktop tool used to script interactions with Chrome.

Autopilot on GitHub
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Scripts > Services > APIs

When published to the Automation Cloud Platform your scripts become fully interactive REST APIs called Services, executable by a Robot.

You can start and control any Service in Automation Cloud Platform. Send it data to input or use in your workflow. Retrieve Outputs and react to them – like list selections or consents. Consolidate multiple scripted Services so your app or toolchain only needs a single API integration to execute automations on multiple targets.

Learn to create scripts

Scale and Monitor

Automation Cloud Platform operates at internet scale. Our orchestration is built for concurrency and auto-scales to ensure headroom. We offer a number of options to meet the needs of your automation volume.

You also get our Dashboard – the nerve centre for managing, observing and monitoring your automations. Watch jobs while they execute and drill down into the low-level detail.

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  • Real-time execution detail
  • Powerful configuration
  • Service management
Screenshot of Robot School.

Robot School provides in-depth tutorials for learning and using Autopilot and Automation Cloud Platform.

Get your Robot on
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Knowledge & Learning

Augment your mind with robotic powers in Robot School, our resource for learning to script in Autopilot and using the Automation Cloud.

Guided video tutorials take you from basic through to advanced topics and considerations. Access docs and reference materials.

Learn in Robot School

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Who we are

UBIO are the creators of the Automation Cloud, the web’s most powerful Connectivity Platform.

We believe delivering an excellent customer experience is vital.
However, for many marketplaces, data-driven businesses and personal assistants, making their dream a reality is challenged by fragmented Internet infrastructure.
8 years ago we decided to solve this problem with a new technology that is capable of connecting any web service with any online source. Machines can interact with any website regardless of available APIs.
Our technology connects your business  with any 3rd party to interact. You can transact, crawl data or perform any task online.
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