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The Automation Cloud toolset is the new
standard for web automation.

Write scripts in Autopilot, run them in a Robot in
the cloud and store payment cards in the Vault.

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Script any workflow in Autopilot

Autopilot is where it all starts. Script interactions on any website,
or with a third-party API and then play back your results.

An Autopilot script is like a super-powerful macro that interacts
with any web page and accepts and returns data. Use it to define
the API you’ll later use to automate at scale.

Instruct Autopilot to perform the basics, like data crawling or form
entry. Follow complex interactive pathways to complete any task.
Autopilot contextually understands where it is, so non-linear
pathways are fine. Iterate and loop through elements or
pagination. Input any required data and retrieve output. Transact
and pay to complete secure and compliant purchase journeys.

You can deal with any workflow and connect APIs too. Autopilot can
do everything a human can do.

  • Comprehensive automation toolset
  • Build interactive pathways and manipulate data in powerful pipelines
  • No-code interface + Javascript capability
  • Builds for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Deploy scripts as Services to the Automation Cloud to run as an API at scale
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Scripts > Services > APIs

When published to the Automation Cloud your scripts become fully
interactive REST APIs called Services, executable by a Robot.

You can start and control any Service in the Automation Cloud.
Send it data to input or use in your workflow. Retrieve Outputs and
react to them – like list selections or consents. Consolidate
multiple scripted Services so your app or toolchain only needs a
single API integration to execute automations on multiple targets.

  • A Robot executes your jobs in the Automation Cloud
  • High availability for scale
  • Various concurrency options

Scale and Monitor

The Automation Cloud operates at internet scale. Our
orchestration is built for concurrancy and auto-scales to ensure
headroom. We offer a number of options to meet the needs of
your automation volume.

You also get our Dashboard – the nerve centre for managing,
observing and monitoring your automations. Watch jobs while
they execute and drill down into the low-level detail.


  • Real-time execution detail
  • Powerful configuration
  • Service management

  • Guided learning
  • Developer resource centre

Knowledge & Learning

Augment your mind with robotic powers in Robot School, our
resource for learning to script in Autopilot and using the
Automation Cloud.

Guided video tutorials take you from basic through to advanced
topics and considerations. Access docs and reference materials.


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